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> Hello!
> I use Samba 1.9.15p6 on a SPARCstation 4 running Solaris 2.5
> I use it as  printserver for about 170 Win95 clients.
> Samba is the only application running on the machine.
> Performance is very good but sometimes printing suddenly stops and I have to reboot the machine. There is no time for checking processes etc.
> Messages file on the unix machine says "out of processes".
> 1. Is this a known problem?
> 2.  Should I upgrade to a later Samba-version?
> 3.  Maybe  increasing maxuser in /etc/system should solve the problem? But it does not feel like the correct way to solve the problem.
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Hi Johnny,

If you get the error message cannot fork, too many processes, try using
the wait(1) command to clean up your background processes.  If this
doesn't help, the system process table is probably full or you have too
many active foreground processes.  (There is a limit to the number of
process ids associated with your login, and to the number the system can
keep track of.).

Not all the processes of a 3- or more-stage pipeline are children of the
shell, and thus cannot be waited for.
If n is not an active process id, all your shell's currently active
background processes are waited for and the return code will be zero.

Hope this helps. Greetings,

Martin Mielke			 martin at
Jaleo Crew - SysAdm	   voice: ++34 (9)28 262299

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