Win95 login

malcolm melville +44 171 542 8472 malcolm.melville at
Wed Aug 20 09:06:37 GMT 1997

We have a number of Windows 95 machines which are not part of a domain but want
to be able to access Samba shares. When 95 starts up (machine powerup) it seems
that networking is not started and in order to access Samba share the users
have to go through the Shutdown manu to logon as a different user - like their
own local account.

In the Network setting the primary login is set to MS Client but at startup the
user are not prompted for a username/password (not that security is an issue
here - simply to get their own profile and shares connected). Is there a way of
defaulting Windows 95 to request a user identification rather than going
through this bizarre routine? WfW used to do this quite happily!


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