SAMBA vs. Solstice LM Server from Sun.

Celso Kopp Webber celsinho at
Tue Aug 19 19:57:09 GMT 1997

	Hi Ed, and all!

	I think this sort of software is not only an answer to Samba, but
to other products that intend to the same thing. Recently, I've posted a
message about SCO Advanced File and Print Services, although I've received
some laughing about SCO's market share ...

	Well, not only I think these products are a response to samba and
even to MS WinNT, my opinion is that they're also some kind of response to
Linux itself, which besides having a great set of utilities available,
currently has been receiving more support from the 'real' world, such as
Corel (Corel Draw and Corel Office for Linux), and many many others.

	Alghough Samba runs on MANY plataforms, I think that Linux on
Intel is today one of the best options, because you can make any 486 PC
really give all of its power.

	That's all for today. As Ed said below, flames are well accepted.

	Celso Kopp Webber.

On Fri, 15 Aug 1997, Ed Maple wrote:

> Ohhhh how I love to open cans of worms and pandora's boxes, even if I get
> hammered, and I'll just bet this is one!
> I ran across a description of this thing called Solstice LM Server on Sun's
> web page (check out
> which
> sounds like Sun's answer to SAMBA. So, has anyone out there in SAMBA LANd
> danced with the devil and tried out this hot offering from Sun? Or has
> anyone by any chance compared the two and found one a clear winner over the
> other (excluding the obvious price difference)?
> Flames graciously accepted.
> Ed Maple
> UNIX System Mangler
> Netcom Online Communications
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