NIS on NT?

Gerald W. Carter jerry at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Tue Aug 19 12:38:44 GMT 1997

> i noticed the post about WinDD / NTrigue using NIS.  i know that mr 
> nigel williams has ported FreeBSD NIS client code to win32, for use in 
> is there any further work planned on the rest of FreeBSD code, porting 
> the nis server side to win32?  does anyone know of a NIS server 
> product for NT? if so, does it integrate with the WINS manager at all? 
>  does microsoft have any plans to support NIS / NIS+?
> luke

I would doubt that Microsoft would support NIS/NIS+ since NT 5.0 will
have kerberos.  I would think that this would be a replacement for NIS/

FYI...nisgina will also run on the Cytrix WinFrame package except for
not bringing back a login prompt after a log out.  However, the
disconnect works correctly.  Haven't had a chance to debug the code yet
and find out exactly why it hangs here.

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