WINS registration question

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue Aug 19 13:21:24 GMT 1997

On Tue, 19 Aug 1997, Eloy A. Paris wrote:

> Hi,
> we have a PPP server that does dynamic IP address assignment, i.e.
> the client can get one of two different addresses depending of the
> number that was dialed.
> I have noticed that during the first connection to the first number
> the client gets succesfully registered in the WINS database 
> (/var/lock/samba/wins.dat in my system). Then, I can browse the network
> and do anything.
> However, if the client dials the other number and shortly after
> disconnection from the first number used, WINS registration seems
> to fail because the WINS database still contains the IP address
> of the first connection, and the same NetBIOS name associated with
> it.
> I guess this behavior is normal since the WINS entry for the first
> connection has not expired yet. However, the strange thing is that
> if I dial a third time the second number WINS registration seems
> to be succesful and I can browse the network and do anything with
> no problems.
> Anyone has an idea on why is this behavior?

i added secured netbios name registration (rfc1001/2.txt) which first 
came out in 1.9.16alpha3.

this should allow a non-de-registered NetBIOS name to be claimed by 
someone else if the current owner does not defend it (secured nbns must 
check that the current owner still wants a name, if someone else attempts 
to register it).

there may be something screwy going on, such that, by the third attempt, 
everything's ok.

relevant sections of log files at debug level 10 
should help find out what's going in.


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