SUMMARY: Samba 1.9.17a5-Amanda PC backups and patch

Ernie Oporto ernie_oporto at MENTORG.COM
Mon Aug 18 14:54:29 GMT 1997

The patch below is what I needed to change to fix the problem I was
having with doing PC backups from AMANDA via SAMBA.  The patch that was
in 1.9.17a5 is different from what was suggested in the patch that
comes with Amanda  I finally decided that I was going to not
trust the alpha's patch and apply the older version.  To my surprise
that did the trick.

Anyone else have this problem?  This all works for me now.  Thanks for
all the suggestions everyone gave!

diff samba-1.9.17alpha5/source/client.c
<   DEBUG(3, ("Total bytes listed: %d\n", dir_total));
> /*  DEBUG(3, ("Total bytes listed: %d\n", dir_total)); */
>   fprintf(stderr, "Total bytes listed: %d\n", dir_total);
diff samba-1.9.17alpha5/source/clitar.c
<     DEBUG(0, ("Total bytes written: %d\n", ttarf));
>  /*   DEBUG(0, ("Total bytes written: %d\n", ttarf)); */
>     fprintf(stderr, "Total bytes written: %d\n", ttarf);

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