(LONG) Please help. Subnet browsing 1.9.17alpha5 (LONG)

Luke Leighton lkcl at pires.co.uk
Mon Aug 18 10:44:33 GMT 1997

find_name: found name WORKGROUP(1b)
process_dgram: datagram from CASCADE(0) to WORKGROUP(1b) for
\MAILSLOT\NET\NETLOGON of type 7 len=58
No domain logons

AH! this is the problem.

hi, richard,

do you remember that i asked you if you could set "domain logons = 
yes" (but not in combination with "domain controller = x.x.x.x")? 
 well, this is the problem, and we will need to fix it.

there is an annoying method that windows clients use to turn the 
DOMAIN name into the PDC name.  they send a NETLOGON datagram request. 
 you set "domain master = yes" but we only allow a response to this 
packet if "domain logons = yes" is also set.  sorry.

so, thank you for providing sufficient information to find this 
problem: we will have to find a suitable way to fix it (which may 
simply involve removing the "if (!lp_domain_logons() return;" lines in 
namelogon.c, but will more likely involve a refinement of this 


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