Print Share Name Length

Damian Ivereigh damian at
Mon Aug 18 01:45:37 GMT 1997

> > Tell us if you want 8 character length limited print share
> > names or larger. If we were to remove this limitation and allow
> > more than 8 characters then we will get complaints from some
> > users who use older SMB clients (eg: old WfW, Older DOS
> > clients, etc.).
> The various OS/2 clients seem to have a 20 character limit, but
> the most recent ones (Warp Connect and Warp 4) come with full LPR
> support, so it should not be that much of a problem.

Just an FYI: I have found that Win95 has a limit of 13 characters for
the printer share name and WinNT has a limit of 12 chars. They will both
browse longer names (i.e. you can see them in the browse lists), however
they get an error when trying to use them. These shares were created
using the smb.conf rather than printcap.

Keeping the names consistent across all the platforms (Unix, Win95,
WinNT) is very important to us (we have enough printers already - 1400
at last count - without having to work out the real name of the printer)
so we came up with a naming scheme that will work everywhere (max 12
chars, all lower case, no spaces or punct except '-').

If anyone has a way to break through this length limit on Win95 and
WinNT. Let me know.

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