NT roaming profiles on Samba (another pitfall)

Tom Lieuallen toml at ENGR.ORST.EDU
Sun Aug 17 03:28:32 GMT 1997

I followed the thread on putting NT roaming profiles on a Samba share over the
last few days.  After spending most of the day on trying to get it working 
I thought I would save others a bit of time by mentioning another pitfall.

Apparently samba needs to have password encryption turned on in order for this
to work.  I couldn't find this in any of the current samba documentation. I 
however, find a mention of it in the docs for NISGINA. 
( http://www.dcs.qmw.ac.uk/~williams/nisgina-current )

    N.B remote profiles won't work at all from samba served home directories
    unless the server is running in encrypted mode and at user level security.

Unless I totally missed this in the Samba docs, perhaps it could be added in 
future.  Once I started using encryption, profiles on the Samba share worked 
a charm.

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