Arg .. windoze 98 and Samba .. more problems

Tim Winders twinders at
Sat Aug 16 03:58:10 GMT 1997

> Ok .. we've updated a computer to the most recent build of windoze 98 ..
> and it still can't see the Samba share. When that computer tries to
> connect to the samba computer .. it reacts in the same way as it would if
> it were trying to connect to an NT workstation .. when the NT workstation
> doesn't have a user that matches the username the windows98 is logged in
> as. ... Eg .. it says something like:
> Passwd:
> And it doesn't matter what passwd you type .. because there is no such
> share IPC$
> It can see the win95 boxes on the net just fine .. but not the samba
> server. All the win95 boxes (and even the NT boxes) can see the samba
> server. From the win98 box I can ping/telnet/ftp/retrieve mail .. but I
> can't map shares. Very annoying.
> Anyone else have a simular problem... or know of a fix?

I had a similar problem with Win95.  If the user logs into Win95 with the
username that exists on the Samba server, but with no password or a
different password, Samba ALWAYS rejects the user.  My fix was to modify
the local.h file and change GUEST_SESSETUP to be 2 and recompile Samba.

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