Retaining ownership when copying NT to Unix drive

Boyd Johnson boydj at
Sat Aug 16 01:40:27 GMT 1997

We just got to the point of trusting Samba enough to move 3.5 GB of NT
user data to the Samba drive on an HP-UX system.  I worked with our NT
admin tonight to try to start the transfer.  We have been unable to
figure out how to move the files while retaining file ownership.  We
tried NT filemanager and xcopy.  I saw Rumba, but it looks like it might
take some work to compile on HP-UX.  I didn't see anything in the past
couple of months of archives I have, so has anyone solved this problem?
As a bonus, is there a way to retain the Unix equivalent of the NT file
permissions on a per-file basis instead of using the same mask for all



=Boyd Johnson boydj at  Rockwell Semiconductor Sys., San Diego, Ca.=

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