Arg .. windoze 98 and Samba .. more problems

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Fri Aug 15 11:04:36 GMT 1997

On Fri, 15 Aug 1997, Robert E. Lee wrote:

> Ok .. we've updated a computer to the most recent build of windoze 98 ..
> and it still can't see the Samba share. When that computer tries to
> connect to the samba computer .. it reacts in the same way as it would if
> it were trying to connect to an NT workstation


i am glad to hear this.

> .. when the NT workstation
> doesn't have a user that matches the username the windows98 is logged in
> as. ... Eg .. it says something like:
> Passwd:
> And it doesn't matter what passwd you type .. because there is no such
> share IPC$

yes there is.  the $ is microsoft's way of hiding shares from you.  use 
smbclient and you will find that it shows a list of shares, _including_ 
the ones with $ on the end.

1) read old digests.
2) are your nt servers up to sp3? sorry nt bxes?
3) is your samba server using encrypted passwords?
4) send your smb.conf file to the digest for people to answer your 
questions more fully.

you'll probably find that the latest version of w95 has the same patch 
that nt sp3 has: namely, you need to set a registry entry to tell it to 
allow negotiation of cleartext passwords, or upgrade samba to use 
encrypted paswsword.   the former was described in a message to the 
digest a week ago; the latter is described in ENCRYPTION.txt.



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