Arg .. windoze 98 and Samba .. more problems

Robert E. Lee rel at
Fri Aug 15 00:38:46 GMT 1997

Ok .. we've updated a computer to the most recent build of windoze 98 ..
and it still can't see the Samba share. When that computer tries to
connect to the samba computer .. it reacts in the same way as it would if
it were trying to connect to an NT workstation .. when the NT workstation
doesn't have a user that matches the username the windows98 is logged in
as. ... Eg .. it says something like:


And it doesn't matter what passwd you type .. because there is no such
share IPC$

It can see the win95 boxes on the net just fine .. but not the samba
server. All the win95 boxes (and even the NT boxes) can see the samba
server. From the win98 box I can ping/telnet/ftp/retrieve mail .. but I
can't map shares. Very annoying.

Anyone else have a simular problem... or know of a fix?

-- Robert

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