Suggestion: Removable device shares

Bob Franklin R.C.Franklin at
Wed Aug 13 12:03:16 GMT 1997


Just a suggestion; apologies if there's already a way to do this, but...

I have several shares on my server which are for removable devices (ZIP 
drive, CD-ROM drives, etc.) and so are not always mounted.  When they 
aren't mounted, the volume size / used information corresponds to the 
filesystem in which the mount point lies (as you'd expect).

To make things clearer, could we have a 'removable device = yes' option 
in smb.conf (or something like that) which makes the share unavailable if 
no filesystem is mounted at the root of the share (or at least, if this 
causes problems, makes the disk size / used = 0).


Ta, etc.

  - Bob

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