Roeland M.J. Meyer rmeyer at mhsc.com
Wed Aug 13 09:36:14 GMT 1997

At 06:10 PM 8/13/97 +0000, Thomas.Hansen.tmh./Copenhagen at manbw.dk wrote:
>HI Samba users.
>I would like to know if your samba unix server can be a PDC server?

Definitely not...yet.

>If not, do anyone know of a NT product, that will enable the NT PDC
>server to be updated by a NIS server, i.e. a NT NIS client product.

I've been looking for this myself, for quite a while now. An NIS client
that'll work on NT ...WOW! There is great need for this since it'll go a
looong way towards integrating WinNT and Unix, but ... no dice. I thought
of doing this myself but
I don't know enough about how WinNT works the security stuff. I don't have
a current Visual C compiler either.

Since the PDC specs are so murky, why not do this instead? This'll do
everything the PDC stuff's supposed to do, plus some other stuff that PDC
can't, like ... meet standards?!?

I have a feeling that NIS and WinNT security may be incompatible, or that
area is *real* murky, at the least.

It's a sure-fire cinch that Mickeysoft will never do it.

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