Deleting print jobs on samba server

Johan Meiring jjm at
Tue Aug 12 18:25:03 GMT 1997

I have several printer set up on my samba server.

The problem seems to be that Windows NT users can _sometimes_ not delete
print jobs from the queue.

Windows 95 users can delete them fine.

Microsoft reported a problem with NT 4 not being able to delete print jobs
and reporting 'Error processing command'.  This is corrected by SP3
however.  This is NOT my problem.

I set up the lprm command so that I can see what happens if the user
deletes the job.

lprm command = lprm -P%p %j > /tmp/lprmlog ; ps > /tmp/pslog

If a Windows 95 user tries to delete the job, lprm is run as the user pid.

If a Windows NT user tries to delete the job, lprm runs as nobody.

I then monitored as who (uid) the main smbd process for the spesific user
(pid as reported by smbstatus) is run.

If Windows 95 logs in, it is root, and changes to the user occasionally
(when the user write a file, reads a file, etc.)

If Windows NT logs in, it is nobody, (sometimes root), and changes to the
user occasionally (when the user writes a file, etc.)

IT looks as if the 'main' smbd (for the user) runs as nobody when NT logs
in, but as root when 95 logs in.  This then makes lprm runs as either
nobody (which doesn't achive anything) or the user (which works perfectly).

To confuse the issue more.  About 10% of the time when NT logs in, it can
delete the job. (i.e. smbd acts as if Win 95 has logged in).  Can't see a
pattern though.

Using samba 1.7.16p11 and Linux 2.0.(somewhere between 0 and 29)

What can I do to try and fix it!!  Please help!!!

Johan Meiring

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