Oracle Installation Problem

Detlef Lammermann dl at
Tue Aug 12 09:32:32 GMT 1997

Hi Listers,

I tried to install Oracle's Designer/2000 and Developer/2000 packages.
Since disk space on the client PC (NT 4.0) is low, I decided to put the
software to one of our Unix servers running Solaris 2.4 and Samba 1.9.16p9.

I got several error messages from the installation program, that it was
unable to remove a directory. These messages are silly, since all of the
names show directories within the new installation tree, none of them empty.
In most cases it was even the root directory for the installation itself.
Consequently there comes a reply from samba, refusing to delete it.
With level 3 debug the log looks like

08/04/97 14:21:28 Transaction 24364 of length 47
switch message SMBchkpth (pid 17110)
chdir to /opt/oracle
unix_clean_name [./ORANT]
unix_clean_name [orant]
08/04/97 14:21:28 chkpth orant cnum=86 mode=8
08/04/97 14:21:28 Transaction 24365 of length 47
switch message SMBrmdir (pid 17110)
unix_clean_name [./ORANT]
unix_clean_name [orant]
couldn't remove directory orant : File exists
08/04/97 14:21:28 error packet at line 2438 cmd=1 (SMBrmdir) eclass=1 ecode=80
error string = File exists

I contacted the oracle hotline. They installed Samba 1.9.16p11 and found no
problem (sorry, I don't know the type of Unix box they used).
So I upgraded our installation to p11 too.
Amazingly the known problems appeared again, but first at a later point
of installation. So some software parts succeeded to get installed, which
failed with p9, but others fail with both p9 and p11.

Does anybody know about such a problem?

Maybe this topic has been discussed in the past.
Being new on the list, I looked for a samba digest archive,
but I was unable to find one. Is there any?

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