Samba errors?

Spiros B. spiros at
Mon Aug 11 16:51:44 GMT 1997

	Hello there folks,
I have been using the latest alpha version, I believe it is 5 , which proves to 
be a bit better than the previous work, but I do face some serious problems.

This is my first time installing samba on a SunOS 4.1.4 and I do have some 
concern about samba works.

Assuming the existance of 2 Unix systems that are exporting  filesystems between 
them, and 1 PC that requests home dirs from one of the systems, samba allows 
mounting of any home directory even if it is not on the server that the smbd 
daemon is running from.

For example: My Home dir is on server A which runs the smbd daemon as well, 
while a user B is having his home directory on Server C.

Server A, exports the home dirs of C as well. A & C are both Unix machines.

If I go onto my PC which is called D, I can request the following network map 

//A/spiros which is a legal operation for my home.
if I do a //A/B i am again allowed to mount User B's home dir eventhough I do 
not explicitly state the transition of C->A->PC.

Furthermore in this release, the following flags are not working as stated:

wide links = No ( you have called it an Service specific attribute, while it 
only gets read by the program if placed on the global section ) and it is 
mounting the link point but does not follow it... Is there a reason to mount if 
you won't follow the link?

invalid users = root, sys, daemon, anonymous, sync, nobody, guest 
but yet I can do the following and mount with no problem:


Also, invalid users is a (S) feature and not global according to the manual, but 
both services have to be placed on the global section in order to be read by the 
daemon. testparm executable program shows me that fact as soon as I place the 
services in [Global].

Please let me know if you can help,

Spiros B.

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