Samba Configuration .. finally..

Michael O. Sedore mosedore at
Mon Aug 11 15:42:40 GMT 1997

We run both clients [Client for Netware networking and Client for
Microsoft networking] in Win95 without difficulty, and Samba runs fine.
You do have to bind Microsoft networking to TCP/IP in the control panel.

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On Mon, 11 Aug 1997, Fyodor Yarochkin wrote:

> Hello People, Thank you all who helped me with all your wise advices and 
> ideas to get Windoze working nice with my Linux Samba box. Finally i 
> found the solution. We have NW server installed in my lan, and thus, when 
> Windozes were installed, they got " Files and Printers access on NetWare
> Service"(this translation might be lame, as i have russian versions of 
> win95 here, so donno how they named it originally). However both NW 
> access service and Microsoft access Service are not compatible *(that is 
> another headache for me now) Thus i can either install one of them, when 
> i removed it and replaced with m$ access service, all went just fine.. 
> uggh,.. that shows the true lameness of windoze another time:-)
>  again, thanks for all the help to the all who contributed:) 
>  Fyodor

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