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Martin Huber hu at
Sun Aug 10 17:38:53 GMT 1997

On Fri, 08 Aug 97 17:28:51 GMT simon_king at wrote:
> ...
>      Has anyone come up with a decent faxfilter script that actually works 
>      when use Samba + Mgetty/Sendfax.
>      I can print to Samba printers from Windows with no problems, and I can 
>      use the faxspool command to send postscript files as faxes from a 
>      Linux box.   The only part I can't get to work is the vital link 
>      between the Samba printer and faxspool.
I use the responder from
This is a windows client which will popup when a fax is sent and ask for
the recipients fax number and (optionally) the name of the sender and receiver.

The link between samba and faxspool is a perl script supplied there.
I did not get to work the version of the pearl script one year ago under
Solaris 2.5, so I wrote a C program doing this job. I know it to run
under Solaris and linux, and it should work on other systems as well.

Let me know if you need it.


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