tuning options and samba1.9.17alpha5 (Was:Visual C 5.0 loosing on samba1.17alpha4)

Hermann Lauer Hermann.Lauer at IWR.Uni-Heidelberg.De
Sat Aug 9 01:29:27 GMT 1997

Hello Luke,

thanks for the prompt response !

On Aug 8,  3:22pm, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> is this vc 5, or vc 5 with the 200mb patch applied?

The User has the patch to VC5.0++ installed, which announces
itself as "The Microsoft Visual Studio 97 Service Pack 1".

If this is not the "200mb patch", please tell me !

I have switched of any tuning option I found in smb.conf, but still sometimes
VC5.0++ doesn't find his dll's (which are local). Happens often only the second
or third time when opening and closing VC5.0.

Again, with samba1.9.16p9 this never happens. (I should really try the stuff on
an other machine now - sorry I havn't had the time to do that until now)

Any clues how to try to debug that thing further ?

> > 3) Under win95 and roving profiles and a loginscript.bat you can't use the
> > "net time /set /yes" command, this kills the execution of the loginscript

"net time \\<sambaserver> /set /yes" works, "net time /set /yes" not while I
trying alpha5. So for you "net time /set /yes" also works with alpha5 ?

> > An unresolved problem remains: win95 hangs while logging out from the samba
> > server which act as domain logon server.
> this happens when max mux = 2.  try setting max mux = 50, which is the
> default for this parameter on nt server.

max mux=50, the default.

Today it work's - maybe has to do somthing with browsing, so I have only to
some time between changing the versions ;-)

Again, thanks for your attention.


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