print job deletion problem

Sergio Tessaris tessaris at
Fri Aug 8 14:06:28 GMT 1997

 We have a problem with print job deletion using samba 1.16.p11 on a
Slackware 3.2 linux which use a LPRng 3.2.6 lpd system.

 Apart from a 'lpq' output interpretation problem which exclude some print
jobs from the jobs list, it seems that the smbclient 'cancel' command
doesn't work because smb inquires the wrong print service for jobs list: 

 I connected to the samba server with the command:

> smbclient '\\pcsv2\br1' -U tessaris -P

 In fact in logfile:

08/07/97 13:21:17 pcsv2 ( connect to service br1 as user tessaris 

 'queue' and 'print' command work fine:

 The print command:

switch message SMBsplclose (pid 31960)
Skipping become_user - already user
fd_attempt_close on file_fd_struct 0, fd = 6, dev = 801, inode = a84e, open_flag
No printer name - using br1.
Running the command `/usr/bin/lpr -Pbr1 at mb_print /var/spool/samba/hosts.c31960' 
08/07/97 13:59:52 tessaris closed file hosts.c31960 (numopen=0)
08/07/97 13:59:52 printclose fd=-1 fnum=1 cnum=61

 The queue command:

08/07/97 14:00:30 printqueue cnum=61 start_index=0 max_count=32
Skipping become_user - already user
replacing printer name with service (snum=(br1,2))
Running the command `/usr/bin/lpq -Pbr1 at mb_print' gave 0
QUEUE2: Printer: br1 is br1 at mb_print
QUEUE2: Printer: br1 at pcsv1 
QUEUE2:  Queue: 7 printable jobs
QUEUE2:  Server: pid 2023 active
QUEUE2:  Unspooler: pid 2026 active
QUEUE2:  Status: printing 'despaf at sv3+025', file 1 '5021-1', size 12248, format 
QUEUE2:  Filter_status: job: Microsoft Word - Document1; status: PrinterError: p
QUEUE2:  Rank   Owner/ID                   Class Job  Files               Size T
QUEUE2: active  despaf at sv3+025                 A   25 5021-1             12248 1
Time reported for job 25 is Thu Aug  7 13:58:48 1997
QUEUE2: 2       despaf at sv3+026                 A   26 5022-1             12024 1
Time reported for job 26 is Thu Aug  7 13:58:50 1997
QUEUE2: 3       despaf at sv3+027                 A   27 5023-1             12026 1
Time reported for job 27 is Thu Aug  7 13:59:04 1997
QUEUE2: 4       despaf at sv3+041                 A   41 5024-1             12026 1
Time reported for job 41 is Thu Aug  7 13:59:10 1997
QUEUE2: 5       despaf at sv3+050                 A   50 5025-1             12024 1
Time reported for job 50 is Thu Aug  7 13:59:23 1997
QUEUE2: 6       despaf at sv3+051                 A   51 5026-1             12024 1
Time reported for job 51 is Thu Aug  7 13:59:26 1997
QUEUE2: 7       tessaris at pcsv2+422             A  422 /var/spool/samba/host 50 1
6 entries returned in queue

 Note that job 7 has not been recognized.
 Now when I send cancel 422 smb use a different service name (agh2):

become_user uid=(0,426) gid=(10,10)
chdir to /var/spool/samba
trans <\PIPE\LANMAN> data=0 params=7 setup=0
Got API command 81 of form <W> <> (tdscnt=0,tpscnt=7,mdrcnt=1000,mprcnt=6)
Doing RDosPrintJobDel
replacing printer name with service (snum=(agh2,1))
Running the command `/usr/bin/lpq -Pagh2 at mb_print' gave 0

 Printer services are explicity defined in smb.conf ('load printers = no').

 Any idea on which could be the problem? One thing that could be important
is that I send a SIGHUP to smb without disconnecting from smbclient, but
both queue and cancel command have been given after the reconfiguration
which involved only 'log level' parameter.

Thank you in advance,
Sergio Tessaris               International Centre for Theoretical Physics
Scientific Computing Services     str. Costiera 11, I-34100 Trieste, Italy
                                                      Fax: +39 40  2241 63
e-mail: tessaris at                    Phone: +39 40 2240 600

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