Syslogd: unknow facility name "e" ?!

Song HU hus at CS.McGill.CA
Fri Aug 8 05:22:23 GMT 1997

I guess this is not the right place, but recently I just played around on
net, so it may relate. 
When I bootup I got an error message:

Syslogd: unknow facility name "e"

I try to trap it by go into /etc/rc.d/init.d
 syslogd.init stop
 syslogd.init start

it work normal, no error message. and if I remove the syslogd daemon. give me
a lot of error message except this one. 

Can any body tell me:
1. what syslogd do ?
2. How to debug the error?
3. If possible, why I got the error message?

thanks a lot

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