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Thu Aug 7 17:11:35 GMT 1997

>Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 10:05:04 +0200
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>Subject: printer problem . URGENT help form SAMBA team !!
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>on the SAMBA server i declare some printers
>everything is ok in win3.11 because all users can
>declare and install printer ( without privileges ) :queue + driver
>but from NT boxe i try to declare a remote printer on SAMBA server ( like
>NT server printer ) , but i have some messages about "you don't have
>the privileges to install printer "
>What i wan't , it's not to install printer but access remote printer
>The bug of driver not present it's corrected with smb.conf parameter

In order to install the printer on NT workstation you have to be logged in
as administrator.

Also the 'printer driver =' line does not replace the printer driver on NT.
It simply tells NT which printer driver to use if it is already installed
on the workstation.  (Which you must also install as administrator).

Hope this helps

Johan Meiring

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