Confusion using DES and NT with Samba

Neil_Davis at Neil_Davis at
Thu Aug 7 10:16:18 GMT 1997


I have been following the discussions surrounding Samba and NT4.0(Sp3) with
interest, I thought I had it fixed but.....

I  have 2 Samba servers both running on Sparc5's (Solaris 2.5.1), one is
built using DES, the other is not. My Laptop runs
NT4.0(sp3). Initially, I enabled plain text passwords and was able to
connect and browse both servers. Great! Let's move on to encryption.
I have followed the instruction in ENCRYPTION.txt, but something is amiss.

I can map a drive to the DES samba server, but I cannot browse the SUPPORT
workgroup that the server resides in. I get the following
message when I click on the workgroup icon in network neighbourhood:

          Support is not accessible
          The account is not authorised to login to this station.

If I use the 'Find Computer' in network neighbourhood, it locates said
machine. Moreover, if I open up the icon, I get the list of shares
available. When I attempt to navigate up the tree, I again get the above

Interestingly, the above also works for the non DES samba server.

Have I mis-understood the functionality on offer here? I should be able to
browse the workgroup shouldn't I?

Thanks in advance.

Neil Davis

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