NTP support (was: set unix time via samba)

Louis Mandelstam lma at sacc.org.za
Thu Aug 7 08:54:12 GMT 1997

On Thu, 7 Aug 1997, Darrin M. Gorski wrote:

> On Wed, 6 Aug 1997, Roeland M.J. Meyer wrote:
> > At 05:29 PM 8/6/97 +0000, Jodok Sutterluety wrote:
> > 
> > >question: is there a way to synchronize the clock of my linux box to a 
> > >win95 box (something like 'smbnet time \\win95 /set /yes')?
> > 
> > Well, first of all, that's doing it a bit backwards.
> I don't agree. I'd like a utility like this also. The clock on my Linux
> box is pretty bad, and I have to manually update time about every other
> month. If I had a utility that would just sync with the PC, I wouldn't
> have the problem anymore. Oh, since I don't stay connected to the internet
> for very long very often, NTP won't help.

I haven't seen it mentioned on the list yet, so I'll add (not to say this
has anything to do with Samba really)

Get Tardis95 from www.tucows.com - it's a Win95 program that's both an ntp
client and an ntp/daytime/time server.  Installed xntpd on the Unix side,
and point it at the Win95 box running Tardis - or alternatively run 'date
-s win95host' (or your system's equivalent) in a cron job on the Unix


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