Problem to log into Samba (AFS) from NT

Axel Tanner axs at
Wed Aug 6 23:05:11 GMT 1997

tkircht at on 05-08-97 12:10:23

To:   Axel Tanner/Zurich/IBM
Subject:  Re: Problem to log into Samba (AFS) from NT

>>On Mon, 4 Aug 1997, Axel Tanner wrote:
>> Although I am logged into the NT workstation with the same
>> which is also necessary to get access to AFS, it doesn't authenticate me
>> the first try, but asks for the password again. Typing in this very same
>> password again now gives me access ...
>I had the same problem. My solution was to use the homedirectory on the
Samba >server as my WinNT Homedir (via Usermanager).
>Now everything works perfect.
>Thomas KIRCHTAG                        mailto:tkircht at
>Tel.:++43-664/223 16 23
>FAX :++43-1/689 82 52        

Thanks for your answer!
I tried and have the same result - do you have any idea why this is
happening like that?
I am not convinced that I like this setting for my homedirectory, so I
would be interested, if there is another solution possible ...
Thanks and regards!

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