windows browsing via ppp??

Eloy A. Paris eparis at
Wed Aug 6 14:35:38 GMT 1997

I made this question a couple of weeks ago but nobody seemed to know the
answer. In my case, browsing works fine when I am connected via
Ethernet. When I connect via PPP sometimes it works and sometimes it

My PPP dial-in server is also the browse master and the WINS server.

I don't what's happening ...


Tim <tjbynum at> wrote:
: Hello all...

: I'm not sure if this is really the "best" place for the question, so my
: apologies if that is the case.

: I've got a linux box set up as a dial-in ppp server and was wondering if
: it's possible for wfwg or Win95 to "browse" the network once the
: connection is made.  I've also got samba set up on the linux box and it
: seems to be functioning just fine.

: Is this a possibility or am I really grasping here??????  :-)

: Regards,
: Tim

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