NTP support (was: set unix time via samba)

Roeland M.J. Meyer rmeyer at mhsc.com
Wed Aug 6 09:53:47 GMT 1997

At 05:29 PM 8/6/97 +0000, Jodok Sutterluety wrote:

>question: is there a way to synchronize the clock of my linux box to a 
>win95 box (something like 'smbnet time \\win95 /set /yes')?

Well, first of all, that's doing it a bit backwards. Normally, the Unix box
is set to the UTC time and synchronized with XNTP, or the network time
protocol. Once this is running reliably, the Windows clients synchronize to
the server. Not the other way, as you indicate. Doing this, both my servers
are running at stratum 2.

Unfortunately, I know of no port of an NTP daemon which will run on any
Windows machine. I have NTP client software which will do a one-time
synchronization, but nothing which will maintain constant sync with network
UTC time. Even the SMB protocols, under any MS-Windows system, is only a
one-time manual operation.

I have to manually run the "net set time" equivalent on my WinNT
workstations once per week.This isn't really acceptable, but this is all I
can do. If someone else knows of an NTP daemon which will run under WinNT
then I'd be highly interested.

BTW, I don't think that this is a Samba issue. The correct way is to sync
the server to the InterNet and then sync the workstations to the server.
Like DNS, the NTP process is so light-weight that there is no real reason
why every Unix machine shouldn't be running it. Therefore, the Unix machine
should never request a time-set through the SMB protocols. However, Samba
should support a "net time \\win95 /set /yes" from the client. But, a
better way is to run an NTP daemon process on the client.
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