WINS & IP-Masquerade

Jason C. Moehlman jmoehlma at
Tue Aug 5 17:39:25 GMT 1997

I am having a problem with the current release of Samba in RedHat 4.2, I
believe it is 1.9.16p11.  Anyway when logging into my ISP with IP Masquerade
turned on I lose the ability to get netbios-ns from the Samba server.  I was
wondering if anyone has seen this or a workaround for the problem.  The
tcpdump program reports that the netbios-ns udp port is unreachable or
unavailible.  As soon as I kill the ppp session it works again.  All other
IP services work fine when either logged into ISP or not.  Thanks.....Jason

  Jason C. Moehlman, MI, USA
  jmoehlma at
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