Windows Installation/Configuration for Samba

Fyodor Yarochkin fygrave at
Tue Aug 5 11:11:12 GMT 1997

> >  here, and one of them sees my Linux box just fine, while the other 
> > doesn't at all, Any ideas what could couse it?
> > 
> Basically your Windows client needs to have "MS Networking" installed.
> Which version of Windows are you using?
hmm.. it is windows 95 4.00.950, russian version, i don't know where to find 
more in Windoze,
 So far i have made some research here and found that all BiosNames get 
regiztred on NetWare (Novell) server which is connected to my lan as 
well, but as you know, NW doent use TCP/IP(IPX only) so i donno how to 
force it register me. But i found out that about 5-10 minutes after i boot
 my linux box, my machine gets visible from some Windows boxes which are 
connected on the Net, any ideas what couses this delay?
 and there is another thing, when Novell server refuses logins (this 
happens after 6.00 pm every day) My system gets unvisible in the system, 
I wonder how can i make connections skipping over Novell? maybe i shhould 
recofigure windoze some way?

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