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Laura Duncan duncan at
Mon Aug 4 19:56:38 GMT 1997

Symbolic Link Files ???

Dear Samba Administrators,

I want to be able to share NT disk to SunOS and Solaris servers using
automounter.  I need Win95 clients to be able to access and make changes
to files that are symbolic links on NT disks back to the unix servers.
These files have been created by the unix clients.  Win95 users need to be
able to access the files directly from the NT4.0 server (not from unix).
When a Win95 user opens the file that is symbolic linked back to the unix
server (with other NFS packages I have tried), it corrupts the link file.

I know next to nothing about Samba. I have the following question:

If I am using Samba on a Win95 machine, can the Win95 user access the symbolic
link files pointing back to the unix server and  not corrupt the symbolic link
file?  It is my understanding that NT's do not know how to handle a symbolic
link file.  Can Samba handle this problem for NT?

I am sure I sounds like I am bouncing off the computer screen, but I need more
disk space on my unix server.  Company does not want to spend the $$$$ on unix
equipment, so I want to use automounter to setup additional disk for unix use,
which I have been able to do; but I have not been successful at getting Win95
clients to access unix files (on a NT server) directly.  What if any
limitations would Samba have if I were to use this product to add additional
disk space (NT disk) to unix.

This task has been a major headache, and I am sure this is not the place to
be asking my question, since I haven't even installed Samba, but if there is
anyone using Samba, who can tell me that that Samba will come close to what
I am needing to do, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for listening.

L. Duncan

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