Mark Backes mark at
Mon Aug 4 19:47:13 GMT 1997

I have finally managed to compile and install samba 1.9.7alpha5 with
des, shadow passwords and PAM.

I have a new problem now.

my 95 clients when set to user level access control and try sharing
something give this error.
"You cannot view a list of users at this time. Please try again later."

I belive this is because the rights on the file smbpasswd [the file
containing the passwords] are -rw------- and no matter how I try,
whenever I change the rights on this file , the rights get changed back.
When a user logs on, requests the file or a new user is added.
Might this be a bug, or just me?
Anyway is there anymethod of setting permissions to be fixed so no one
can change them, or is there a file that controls the rights on this
file and if so how do i change it?

the smbclient executible file is suposed to be set with -r-sr-xr-x, what
sequence it chmod would you use to achive this? user root group root.

thanks mark

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