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Martin Mielke martin at
Mon Aug 4 18:42:22 GMT 1997

Hello everybody!

I installed Samba 1.9.16p11 on a SGI box running IRIX 6.2, which is now
transparent to our NT and Win95 boxes. So far, so good...
The problem comes when I try to implement smbtar in a cronjob to create
backups in a regular basis, telling the cronfile in the Onyx where to
take the data from and where to put it to (i.e.: to a .tgz file)

I try following:

prompt> smbtar -v -s dolores -x tmp -t test.tar -u martin

where dolores is a Win95 box, tmp is the share, test.tar is the file
that I expect to come out and martin is the user name (mine, to be
exact). The file test.tar comes out indeed but it's 0 bytes long. With
such a lenght I guess something goes wrong :)

Furthermore, I get such error message:

server    is dolores
share     is tmp\
tar args  is 
tape      is test.tar
blocksize is 
Added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
Session request failed (131,130) with myname=PUTA destname=DOLORES
Called name not present
Try to connect to another name (instead of DOLORES)
You may find the -I option useful for this

Maybe is there anybody out there who has dealt with such a (stupid)
problem before, or it could happen that I'm overseing the obvious... :-/

Even if you post your answers to the list, please send me a personal

Thank you very much in advance!

Martin Mielke
Martin Mielke			 martin at
Jaleo Crew - SysAdm	   voice: ++34 (9)28 262299

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