printer problem . URGENT help form SAMBA team !!

marc.waknine at marc.waknine at
Mon Aug 4 08:05:04 GMT 1997

hi, Samba Team 

This the third time that i post this question
But today i've received no answers from SAMBA team opr someone else
( except xdsun at msn ) 

Maybe there is no solution to my problem , but i need to know this

Because SAMBA is very useful in my company ( AEROSPATIALE ) ,
but the port from WFWG to NT has began without access to UNIX printer

Thank you .
This is my problem : 

I have a SAMBA server  and some win3.11 and NT boxes

on the SAMBA server i declare some printers
everything is ok in win3.11 because all users can
declare and install printer ( without privileges ) :queue + driver

but from NT boxe i try to declare a remote printer on SAMBA server ( like
NT server printer ) , but i have some messages about "you don't have
the privileges to install printer "
What i wan't , it's not to install printer but access remote printer
The bug of driver not present it's corrected with smb.conf parameter

printer driver = ...

but what 's about privilege to access remote printer

thank you to answer me

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