Encryption and unfriendly errors for 1.9.17a5?

Ernie Oporto ernie_oporto at MENTORG.COM
Sat Aug 2 13:47:22 GMT 1997

>  6) RE: Encryption
> by John H Terpstra <jht at aquasoft.com.au>

>Date: Sat, 2 Aug 1997 18:10:53 +1000
>From: John H Terpstra <jht at aquasoft.com.au>
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>Subject: RE: Encryption
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>Firstly, you need to obtain the DES libraries.
>The alternative you can consider is to use a Windows NT server as your
password server. You can then
>still run Samba with the following entry in your smb.conf file [Globals]
> security = server
> password server = "your NT server name"
> domain controller = "your NT server IP address"

This is what I am doing with Samba 1.9.16p11, but am now getting errors for
Samba 1.9.17a5.  Do I have to worry about NT servers being SP3 when I do
this?  Will compiling DES support fix my 1.9.17a5 errors for me?   This is
what I am seeing:

on Win95 when accessing the Samba server from Network Neighborhood:
\\SHOKK is not accessible.
The computer or sharename could not be found.  Make
sure you typed it correctly, and try again.

log.smb for that Win95 access:
smb_shm_open : mmap failed with code 11

smbclient to the Samba server:
Session request failed (0,0) with myname=SHOKK destname=SHOKK
Unspecified error 0x0
Your server software is being unfriendly.


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