Samba. hate windoze..

Fyodor Yarochkin fygrave at
Sat Aug 2 09:37:01 GMT 1997

> os level=## 
> into your smb.conf file and replace the ## with the level.
> In my experience, samba needs an os level in the high 20's to show up
> consistently for win95 machines.  A level of 32 will make it the 'browse
> master' which means that it will hold information about all other
> win95/NT/3.11 machines in that workgroup.
yeah, i did it.. I still don't understand, what service is windoze box 
supposed to use to find :
1. Protocol which should be used to connect to machine
2. Service to find the IP address by Given Name..
 DOes it use DNS? or got something to do with WINS .. uumm. still i don't 
have clear understanding what functions WINS does?
* Does Windoze Machine built "the table" (is it the table) of System it
 can reach at boot time? or it doesn't have table at all, and trys to find
 machine every time it receives request? or i have to force windoze to
 re-built such "table".. if so, then how?

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