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Firstly, you need to obtain the DES libraries.
Then you need to tell the Samba Makefile that you wish to compile in DES encryption services and link
with the DES library.

Then in the smb.conf file you need to add to the [Globals] section:
	encrypted passwords = yes

Then you need to create a separate smbpasswd file. Please read the documentation in the docs directory
of the Samba source distribution. Samba-1.9.17alpha5 was released two days ago and has significantly
improved (in volume and in currency) documentation.

The Samba Team have been wrestling with the implications of Microsoft's move away from allowing use
of clear text passwords by default. While we recognise that clear text password handling can be reenabled
by making appropriate registry changes to Windows NT and 95 there has been a strong reaction from the
samba using community.

We would like to make life easy for all concerned by shipping samba with DES support as default. This is
NOT possible due to laws in the USA as well as other countries. Encryption technology is classified as
a munition and comes under export prohibitions.

The alternative you can consider is to use a Windows NT server as your password server. You can then
still run Samba with the following entry in your smb.conf file [Globals] serction:
	security = server
	password server = "your NT server name"
	domain controller = "your NT server IP address"

The above causes Samba to refer all authentication requests to the nominated NT server.

I hope this little contribution helps one or more of our valued Samba users.

Kind regards,
John H Terpstra - The Samba Team <samba-bugs at samba.anu.edu.au>

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How do you enable DES encryption in Samba?  Turning off encryption on all
out NT/95 boxes is not an option.


Kevin A. Pieckiel

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