printcap entries over 8 chars long

Rob Naccarato rob.naccarato at
Fri Aug 1 16:33:49 GMT 1997

Peter> My problem is browsing printers that names are more than
Peter> 8 chars long. Any printer that is longer than 8 chars (in the
Peter> printcap file) does not show up when browsing.

Peter> Anybody else affected by this? Is there a fix?

Jim> I had considered "fixing" the code but then I wondered whether I would run
Jim> into DOS's 8.3 filenaming convention from some Samba clients.  Since I get
Jim> most of my printcap definitions from our NIS database I found it easier to
Jim> .add some local (printer) printcap entries with an 8 (or less) character
Jim> alias as the *first* alias of the printcap entry.

Well, I found a quick hack that'll work.  I don't have any problems with
it so far..

In pcap.c near the very end, change line 359 from this:

	if (strlen(p) <= 8 && strlen(p)>strlen(name) && !has_punctuation)

to this:

	if (strlen(p) <= 16 && strlen(p)>strlen(name) && !has_punctuation)

and at line 377 from this:

	name[8] = 0;

to this:

	name[16] = 0;

It will now have a limit of 16 chars for queue names.

Hope this helps.
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