domain logon problems with win95

Wilhelm Assarsson tripz at
Wed Jan 17 22:30:31 GMT 1996


i have following configuration:
linux slackware 7.0 server running samba sharing
files and printers so my win95/98 clients can all use the
printer and home dirs...

this works fine.

so now i wanted do use more secutiry, so that the login in
windows is authenticated with my samba server... i set
domain logons = yes in smb.conf and i select "log on to a
windows nt domain in windows" and enters the ip of my

in windows 98 this works fine, if i try to login with a
user that doesnt exist on my linux server the user is
rejected. only valid users can login. good.

now in windows 95 this doesnt work.
when i try to login windows replies (after a while) "There
is no domain server available to authenticate the
password. You may not be able to use all network
resources", or something very similar.

do you have any ideas why this is so?
this has nothing to do with password encryption, since i
can access shares as usual. i have read miles of smb docs
to find an answer but i cant. so i ask. help help!


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