Samba/MS Access Files

Doug Jolley doug at
Sun Jan 29 22:51:01 GMT 1995

>We've had just this problem, and our solution was to use:

>force create mode = 666

>in the share definition where you keep your database. This means that when
>Access creates a lock file (.ldb), which it does as a specific user, it
>creates it with mode 0666 which means that any other user can modify it,
>which is what you need for multiple concurrent use of an Access database.
>The first user creates the lock file if it doesn't exist, and all
>subsequent users modify it to announce their presence.

Hi, Chiris.  Thanks for the very interesting response.  The reason
I say that is that I already have "force create mode = 666" set.
Before I did that, the error message I was getting on the workstations
was to the effect that a lock file couldn't be created.  I reasoned
that that was because the lock file had already been created (as a
result of the presence of the first user) and was not writable by the
additional user.  So, that's when I implemented the
"force create mode = 666".  Thereafter I no longer got error
messages relating to inability to create a lock file; but instead,
I started getting these error messages about too many users.

What a mess!

Thanks for the input.

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