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Doug Jolley doug at
Sun Jan 29 19:53:32 GMT 1995

Hi --

Thanks to all who have responded to my plea for help in this
thread.  I've received many valuable responses.  In summary, 
the majority of respondents seem to indicate that they are
not having any problem with multiple users accessing a single
Access database file provided that only one user is accessing
it with write priviledges at any given time.  That is to be

One respondent said that he had seen the identical problem and
had to go to a Windows box to get around it.  (Perish the
thought!)  I will be contacting that respondent individually
to see if I can find out exactly what Linux distribution he
was running on the server and what version of Samba he was

Again, thanks for the input.  If anyone has any further thoughts,
I'd love to hear them.  I'm appending a copy of my original
message in case anyone has forgotten what the facts involved were.
Thanks again.

    ... doug
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I'm trying to move an MS Access database (.mdb file) from an
MS Windows-based server to a Linux-based server running Samba.
Multiple users on Win98-based workstations can open the database
when it is hosted on the Windows server.  However, when the
database is moved to the Linux server and the same users attempt
to do the same thing only the first user can open the database.
When another user attempts to open it, Access complains that
there are too many users.  The help info says that the number
of users is limited to 255.  We only have 2.  Can anyone give me
any information on this problem and/or point me to where I can
find such info?

Thanks for any input.
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