HP CIFS and ExtAuth Module

Michael Ober mdo at wakeassoc.com
Wed May 21 14:40:57 GMT 2008


I should have provided this in my first request.

Single OpenVMS 8.3 running TCPIP v5.3 Alpha Server.  The HP CIFS is
configured as a domain member.  What I need to do is enable the
Pathworks External Authentication module so that our users, who are VMS
"dumb" can change their windows passwords and still be able to use our
captive telnet interface to the VMS Server.


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Hi Mike,

CIFS does not provide External Authentication. On OpenVMS Alpha and
Integrity systems running OpenVMS 8.2 and later you'll want to use the
ACME LDAP module to provide external authentication for Active Directory
users (or any OpenLDAP implementation, including HP's Enterprise
Directory).  CIFS is not required in this environment in order to
provide ExtAuth (see the OpenVMS web site, under Security).

The other option is to cluster the Integrity systems with an Alpha
running Advanced Server. Advanced Server provides the external
authentication images and command procedures necessary for OpenVMS
Integrity systems (see the Advanced Server release notes for details).
Basically, you copy a few files to the Integrity system(s), define a
logical name - pwrk$acme_server - to equate to the scsnode name of the
Advanced Server system(s), and run the command procedure provided by
Advanced Server to start it up.   The Integrity system will pass
external authentication requests over the cluster communication
interface to the Alpha(s) which send the authentication request on the
wire for Active Directory (or NT or Advanced Server) domain controllers
to validate.  The result is obviously passed back to the Integrity



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Will the HP CIFS and the Patchworks External Authentication modules work
together.  Basically, I want our VMS system to update UAF passwords from
a Windows AD domain.

Mike Ober.



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