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Thu Jan 3 12:10:03 GMT 2008

From: rolf.mathisen at

> We have recently installed Samba on VMS (Itanium).


> We have problems in reading text-files produced on VMS. The CR/LF does not 
> work. The data stream appears in a long line.

   Produced how?

> The file attributes on VMS are:
> Record format: Variable length, maximum 0 bytes, longest 75 bytes 
> Record attributes: Carriage return carriage control

   That's among the least portable formats available.  (Common, though.)
I know nearly nothing about this stuff, but I'd guess that if you
created the files with "Record format: Stream" (where CR-LF line endings
are used), or if you used CONVERT /FDL to convert existing files, you
might get better results.

      $ convert in_file out_file /fdl = sys$input:
              FORMAT stream

> Do I have to change these attributes or is there anything to do in the 
> SMB.CONF file?

   As a test, I'd try changing the attributes on a file first.  I don't
know; There may be some configuration setting which causes Samba to
convert the format on-the-fly.  Someone with actual knowledge may have
better suggestions.


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