NMBD process crashing

Albrecht Schlosser ajs567 at tiscali.de
Thu Mar 1 16:09:33 GMT 2007

King Andrew J wrote:

>> There are (or have been) multiple releases of Samba 2.2.8 on 
>> http://www.pi-net.dyndns.org/anonymous/jyc/
>> Which one are you using.
> This there an easy way to find out?

I don't know. Do you have the distribution kit? If not, I'd suggest
that you download the newest kit (Aug. 2005) and try with this one.

>>> I have had this issue ever since Samba was installed and have 
>>> implemented a fix of Stopping and Restarting the whole of 
>> Samba over a 
>>> weekend to get round the issue.  I saw an article about the NMBD 
>>> process crashing and the only answer at that time was as I 
>> have already done.
>> at which time ?
> Back late 2005 or early 2006?

Well, that's at least after the last change of JYC's distribution.

>> Please have a look at $ monitor lock, and see if you have 
>> increasing lock counts. If you have, then you should kill the 
>> NMBD process, and watch the lock display. This is what I found 
>> (only the "Total" parts shown):
> With no SMBD
> Total locks 2516
> Total resources 1997
> With 1 SMBD
> Toal locks 3366
> Total resources 2813

okay, the question is not (only) how high it is, but if it is
increasing over time, when new connections are coming and going.

What I wanted to show with my numbers, is: After a longer period
of time, the Total Lock count was about 33000, but fell down to
about 3000 without NMBD running. After that it's increasing
over time, right now (after less than 3 hours) it is greater than
9100 again, still increasing - until I kill NMBD again :-(


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