NMBD process crashing (King Andrew J)

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If you do a product show product /full what does it show you for TCPIP. We 
are running TCPIP 5.4-15 on an DS-10 and have no problems.

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>Can anyone help/explain why the NMBD process on my VMS server is crashing, I
>will explain.
>VMS 7.3-2, with TCP 5.4 on Alpha ES47 7/1150
>SAMBA 2.2.8
>I have had this issue ever since Samba was installed and have implemented a
>fix of Stopping and Restarting the whole of Samba over a weekend to get
>round the issue.  I saw an article about the NMBD process crashing and the
>only answer at that time was as I have already done.
>The situation appears to be that NMBD process starts up as normal when the
>server is booted or rebooted and runs quite happy for a period of time.  The
>NMBD process then appears to crash and I am unable to find any files or logs
>that can help with diagnosing why.  I then manually start up the whole of
>Samba to get the NMBD process up and running.
>Is/are there any options that can bee added to capture the details of the
>NMBD process if that is at fault.
>Is there an issue with NMBD process crashing as explained and what are the
>What other diagnostic tools are there that can be used to monitor and report
>on Samba processes.
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