NMBD process crashing

King Andrew J AJKING at mail.dstl.gov.uk
Thu Mar 1 09:08:03 GMT 2007

Can anyone help/explain why the NMBD process on my VMS server is crashing, I
will explain.

VMS 7.3-2, with TCP 5.4 on Alpha ES47 7/1150
SAMBA 2.2.8

I have had this issue ever since Samba was installed and have implemented a
fix of Stopping and Restarting the whole of Samba over a weekend to get
round the issue.  I saw an article about the NMBD process crashing and the
only answer at that time was as I have already done.

The situation appears to be that NMBD process starts up as normal when the
server is booted or rebooted and runs quite happy for a period of time.  The
NMBD process then appears to crash and I am unable to find any files or logs
that can help with diagnosing why.  I then manually start up the whole of
Samba to get the NMBD process up and running.

Is/are there any options that can bee added to capture the details of the
NMBD process if that is at fault.
Is there an issue with NMBD process crashing as explained and what are the
What other diagnostic tools are there that can be used to monitor and report
on Samba processes.

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