Non-SMB packet of length 0. Terminating server

Ben Armstrong BArmstrong at
Mon Jun 18 16:50:27 GMT 2007

I am using a Linux smbfs client (version 3.0.25a) with a VMS Samba 2.2.8 
server (20050817 + misc patches from JYC).  I am periodically getting 
these errors in my smbd log for this client, and when that happens, the 
file that the application had open remains open indefinitely (or at 
least until the smbd instance is terminated).

[2007/06/18 13:13:02, 0] 
  Non-SMB packet of length 0. Terminating server

I see in smbd/process.c:

  /* make sure this is an SMB packet. smb_size contains NetBIOS header 
so subtract 4 from it. */
  if ((strncmp(smb_base(inbuf),"\377SMB",4) != 0) || (size < 
(smb_size-4))) {
    DEBUG(0,("Non-SMB packet of length %d. Terminating 
    exit_server("Non-SMB packet");

I wonder if this is due to an incompatibility between my much more 
recent client and the aging 2.2.8 server?  I would sure like to have 
these systems talk to each other.  Is there any way around the problem?


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