Samba 2.2.8 for OpenVMS VAX 7.3 Vaxstation 4000/60

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Wed Jan 17 02:33:01 GMT 2007


On 1/16/07, Luiz Guilherme Regis Emediato <lgemedia at> wrote:
> $! Uncomment the following lines if for some reason the TCPIP$STARTUP.COM
> $! does not start the services.  By default the TCPIP startup starts the
> $! services so the following lines are not needed normally and generate
> $! error/warning messages if left enabled.

True only if the registered service is disabled by default

> $ tcpip enable service smbd
> $ tcpip enable service swat
> ...? Pretty strange.
> So, I had to uncomment these lines for the Alpha running OVMS 7.3-2
> and for the VAX running OVMS 7.3 because these services are not
> automatically
> enabled.

The above services are registered as TCPIP services and are disabled
by default (if not, the comment in the startup script is correct) to
avoid a situation like this:

1. NMBD must be running before Samba can accept connections
2. You have not started NMBD and a client connection comes in
3. If your TCPIP had this service enabled, it will run the SMBD.EXE
with out NMBD and the results are undefined (atleast to me)

To ensure that a proper startup sequence is ensure, the
SAMBA_STARTUP.COM starts NMBD and then enables the services (listeners
on the port for Swat and SMBD)

Hope my explanation is appropriate and complete. John would be the
best person the confirm.


Dhruva Krishnamurthy
Contents reflect my personal views only!

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