SAMBA 2.2.8 for OpenVMS 7.3 and 7.3-2 Install

Luiz Guilherme Regis Emediato lgemedia at
Wed Jan 3 15:50:39 GMT 2007


I would like to share my experience in installing
Samba 2.2.8 for OpenVMS 7.3 and 7.3-2 on the Vaxstation
4000/60 and Alpha DPWS 500au.

On the Alpha I recompiled the full package following the
instructions provided by the authors at:

save set: SAMBA-2_2_8-SRC-20050817.BCK

$ backup samba-2_2_8-src-20050817.bck/sav/sel=[samba-2_2_8-src...] -
$ set def dka0:[samba.samba-2_2_8-src.source.vms]
$ @build73
$ @link73
$ @install

On the Vaxstation I could not recompile; errors are displayed
on screen for a few routines due to low system resources and
low memory (24 MB).
I could not manage the resources successfully in order to improve
the virtual memory properly so that I decided to install the binaries
provided in the package.

save set: SAMBA-2_2_8-OBJ_VAX-20050201.BCK

$ backup samba-2_2_8-obj_vax-20050201.bck/sav/sel=[samba-2_2_8-src...] -
$ set def dka0:[samba.samba-2_2_8-src.source.vms]
$ @link
$ @install

   *** IMPORTANT ***

1. Go to samba_root:[bin] and create a guest account :


If you don't you will get the error: NT_LOGON_...
when issuing the command: smbclient "-L" vaxstation

2. Set the privilege W:RE to the public files to
avoid the error NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_FILE :

$ smbclient //vax/public
          Anonymous login successful
smb: \> dir

                35037 blocks of size 262144. 23186 blocks available
smb: \> exit

$ dir/prot

Directory DKA0:[000000.PUBLIC]


$ set prot:(w:re) DEC-BRAZILIAN-9.PM;1
$ dir/prot

Directory DKA0:[000000.PUBLIC]


$ smbclient //vax/public
          Anonymous login successful
smb: \> dir                     330998  Sun Dec 17 23:26:12 2006

3. Create samba users and passwords :

include the following command line in your :

run it :
$ @login

Create samba users with:

$ smbpasswd "-a" username1 (username1 must match the Windows username1)
$ smbpasswd "-a" username2 (username2 must match the Windows username2)

Username1, username2, etc..., must be authorized usernames on the
OpenVMS system.

4. To log in :

$ smbclient //vax/username1
$ smbclient //vax/username2

5. Uncomment the tcpip enable services in :


$ tcpip enable service smbd
$ tcpip enable service swat


Luiz Regis
Sao Paulo, SP

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